Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bread and more bread...

 During this last Christmas holidays, I was so busy that I wasn't really able to sit down to write, but misterously, I was having enough time to make bread. I feel that it was my own pecular way of disconnecting from "have to do" and I just let my hands work in this beutiful alchemy of making bread. This blogg is meant to share different ways in which we use our hands to create little or big things, but it seems that bread has been the theme of my hand's creativity. I will share some pictures and then through the week share recipes and techniques of all of the collection of thoughts I had during this time. Enjoy!

 Sourdough arabic khobbez

 Delicious mexican style doughnuts with cinnamon and hot chocolate... I don't remember how many I ate that day, but one cannot stop eating...
Every religion must have some beautiful tradition, and challa bread on shabbat day in judaism is one of those. Jewish are very proud of their platting, I am still learning, but mini challas was a succes in my home and with my children.

The bread aside was made one day before, it was almost finishing, a simple enriched recipe excellent for healthy sandwishes!